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Nonton AC Milan vs Inter Milan 2-1 – Serie A 2007/2008 – All Goals & Full Highlights Full HD

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  1. Neymar would have been declared dead before the match ended had he been playing..

  2. Cuándo los de Italia daban miedo en Europa!!! Ahora ya no es igual!!

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EK0VnVG8Aw Gennaro Gattuso ● A.C. Milan ● Reactions ● Passion ● Celebrations

  4. Barcelona and Real Madrid will never be as good as these two teams.

  5. I missed those days. I was in highschool. Football was so good.

  6. Cuando el Inter no fichaba troncos sudaCACAS hambrientinos

  7. Los fans de Messi; que dicen es “único” creo que jamás vieron a kaká!

  8. Pena q essas equipes estao uma merda hoje em dia.

  9. Quando a Liga Cálcio era a Melhor liga do MUNDO 🙄

  10. kaká e inzaghi . forza milan

  11. I miss these two giants! Football has been ruined since 2009 by uefalona

  12. Good times. I miss more the total 90 soccer ball !! I fucken love that ball !

  13. San siro was so beautiful back then. The atmosphere, full-pack capacity almost everymatch, great games of football… But now….its empty, both Milan teams are average at bests.

  14. There was a Patrick Viera in Inter

  15. J.Cruz é irmão de J.Zanetti?

  16. When Italian football was the best in the world !!! I miss those days. Forza Milan ❤

  17. Балотелли еще зеленый))) Интер-Милан самое принципиальное дерби из всех, на мой взгляд.

  18. Ac Milan légende

  19. It's crazy to see balotelli play this game as a 16 yr old and also cuz it's so long ago

  20. Donde conseguiste el partido completo?

  21. Back when this match meant something and stadium was full

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