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Nonton Barcelona vs Arsenal 2-1 – UCL Final 2006 – Highlights (English Commentary) HD Full HD

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  1. 2:12 look look at that good boy! How are you Ashley and where do you live now. #wenger industry of football

  2. As a United fan,this Arsenal team played football the way I wanted United to play for 90 minutes.

    But the best always know when to attack.
    And when to have a decent back up keeper

  3. This is one of the worst performance of Ronaldinho I ever seen!

  4. I see a lot of people bitching about Almunia's performance and subbing him for Pires instead of Hleb, but it was mostly Lehmann's fault. If he didn't grab Eto'o's leg, Arsenal would have an experienced keeper and all 11 players on the pitch. His behaviour was similar to what Buffon did this year against Real Madrid, he just lost his temper and put the second keeper in awful position. Eto'o's goal was a 100% situation from like 5 meters max and Beletti's shot barely got into the net after hitting everything he possibly could. And about Hleb, he was seen back then as a future star, someone like Vinicius or Dembele nowadays. Pires was veteran so he would probably be more useful on the pitch, but Wenger probably wanted him to take the resposibility since he would accept it easier and youngster could just rebel or stop trying, seeing he is robbed from participating in such a big match because of someone else's fault.

  5. That was Arsenal Season, unbeaten in the league

  6. If Viera was there i think it would have been a different game, Gilberto wasn't up to boss the midfield especially when it comes to intercepting the passes (the Etoo Goal), Arsenal had lost not only a leader but a vital experience in Midfield interceptions and quick counter attack, it's no surprise that Arsenal didn't had a good Pl season at that time, releasing Viera was a huge mistake by the Club because him and Viera would have been the perfect duo in the midfield for this game.

  7. To this day the only result I ever cried at… I was a very hurt 8 year old Arsenal fan 😂

  8. Ronaldinho would scored a hattrick

  9. With VAR final Champions League 2006 Milán – Arsenal.
    Milán deserved to win Champions League 05-06.

  10. I Fan arsenal 😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Era mejor equipo el Arsenal. Finales que uno logra entender.

  12. We Would have won the CL if lehmann didn’t got a Red Card

  13. We would've won if Lehmann and Pires were in the match till the full time

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