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Nonton Barcelona vs Chelsea 2-2 – UCL 2011/2012 – Highlights (English Commentary) HD Full HD

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ucl semifinal barcelona vs chelsea 2012 champions league semi final
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  1. Just staring following Barca after this game….. 💪…..

  2. Victor Valdés really was a shit goalkeeper

  3. 6:37 "could this be his moment… i wonder…" 😉

  4. https://referme.to/10wS2Co đăng ký nhận 100k cá cược miễn phí nhé mọi người

  5. Every time I watch this.. I feel happy

  6. Overrated Bald Pep:" But we won the passing"

  7. Barca lost too many chances

  8. and viewers that was last time CHELSEA won a UEFA Champions Trophy or Europa.

  9. i watching and i saying THEY HAD UNBELIEVEBLE FUCKING LUCK…

  10. That Chelsea was the worst team I have ever seen win the Champions League.

  11. dramatic semi and final KTBFFH

  12. Despite the fact that Barcelona was way better than Chelsea,good job

  13. Lampard is one of the best midfielder ever.

  14. Nunca me. Cansaré de ver este partido 😂

  15. jogão vou!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏golaço do ramires

  16. Awwww no good football now like before. So much talent from them.

  17. Like the commentators said that if there was any Football god he must be smiling on Chelsea that night! Absolutely unbelievable. Just can't forget that game.

  18. im a west ham fan but i remember jumping out of my seat in disbelief like West ham had just won the FA Cup. Great night for english football. Well played Chelsea.

  19. Am still watching this ..2018😇💙⚽️

  20. I’m a United fan but I stand with the Premier League teams!

  21. Humiliating, Chelsea Is The Best

  22. Msm roubando o Chelsea foi monstrooo

  23. Miss penalty messi 😙

  24. And then Messi rapped Chelsea 4-1 😎😎

  25. I miss Torres or Rameres! Love you 😘 guys from Cambodia 🇰🇭

  26. Messi gk bisa bobol gawang chelsea pas cech jadi kiper andalan chelsea

  27. Lembro desse jogo como se fosse hoje, o chelsea enfrentava o temido Barcelona vitória sofrida com -1 chelsea era um time em que todos marcavam muito e davam muita sorte também, esse ano deu tudo certo pra eles levarem a champion, chelgou ao Mundial e perddeu pra o time que torço, Corinthians!

  28. Esse golaço do Ramires jamais esquecerei.

  29. Mata just looks like Mata lmao 😂 😂

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