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Nonton Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1-2 – La Liga 2003/2004 – All Goals & Full Highlgihts HD Full HD

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  1. zidane beckham=best mf
    roberto carlos=best shooter
    ronaldo=goal machine
    what again?

  2. Комментатор сучара за барсу ! 😁

  3. Match of true and now is a shit

  4. Real Madrid'in gollerine sevinmiyor orospu çocuğu Barcanin amina koyayım
    Real ,Real ,Real ,REAL MADRİD!!!

  5. Weird how Barca mainly crossed the ball to the inside (Kluivert was a great header tho). Compared to today's Barca this is very different.

  6. Ronaldo was on a different level…..

  7. Jajajajajaja……que carita ponen los culerdos

  8. wow Real had some sick players back then

  9. hahahahahaha madriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

  10. all attacks end up being long shots… what a boring game was back then smh

  11. Barcelona started challenging realmadrid in 2006 or 2007 ? Because before then real always used to kick their ass lol

  12. plz some1 explain how did real madrid did not win UCL? so many talnted players woahhhh… in my opinion they are far better than arrognlado and bale real madrid

  13. Коментатор откровенно за Барсу топит

  14. Barca is inferior to madrid.

  15. Si MADRID 👑🏆33
    Si MADRID 👑🏆13

  16. today's footballers act so much to get a red card for the opposite team

  17. this was before the birth of the Rat Boys ( Barcelona fans ) after 2006 of course

  18. Коменнтатор болеет за барсу

  19. Beckham, Ronaldo, Zidane, Raul, Carlos 😨 Still just 2 goals? Shame!

  20. the good old times when real had no success but we became fans of the dream team and today everybody loves them only because of ronaldo

  21. Where is Messi, C Ronaldo, Bale, Asencio, Lucas Vazquez?

  22. lol back when queresma was hyped

  23. Xavi sucks in this whole match when there is so much legends playing in same pitch. Hahahahaha

  24. Sucks to see real Madrid still finished two points behind Barca Valencia finished first

  25. May 9th 2003 was the year I was born

  26. Daaaamn! Ronaldo is surely my favourite all time striker!

  27. Real madrid always big team, barcelona since 2006….

  28. Back when Barcelona didn't even exist. Real Madrid >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Barcelona.

  29. this was before barcelona started winning hahahaha after this all the bandwagon fans started to appear out of nowhere 😛

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