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Nonton Brazil vs New Zealand 4-0 – Friendly 2006 – Full Highlights (English Commentary) Full HD

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  1. Why was the football thrown from a helicopter?

  2. Omg!!the end of an era…brazil will never find this talent again

  3. BRA toàn nhân tài bóng đá

  4. when will we get a brazilian team of this quality again? Nobody on this team stays still. Everyone is contributing to attack and defence. If a yellow shirt is not on the ball, he will be doing some amazing off the ball runs to support his teammates. The one on the ball is often doing something special. He is either looking to thread a world class ball through the opponents or penetrating the defence with world class dribbling. In fact everyone in this team can dribble LOL. Fuck the current brazilian team

  5. Pesepak bola is the dari brasil.
    Makanya saya bgtu fans sama brazil..
    Ronaldo, rivaldo,ronaldhino,r carlos, pele, zico,

  6. Am I the only one here who feels Roberto Carlos was underrated?

  7. Kaká Ronaldinho Roberto Carlos Ronaldo Adriano… quanta saudades. Timaço

  8. Who scored the last goal? Juninho?

  9. بث صصصصببي صصصثة3بين ةا

  10. Đội hình cân cả thế giới

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  12. ronaldo…r.carlos…rinaldinho…lucio…cafu…kaka…robinho…andriano DESTOYED BY A 34 YEARS MAN CALLED ZINEDINE ZINDANE

  13. Just really missing Gilberto Silva in midfield instead of Emerson. I hate to see what happened to Kaka though. This video is the best at showing just how fast, quick and quick he made decisions. He was robbed of so much with that knee injury and trying to play through it in 2010. Ronaldo was Ronaldo, but Adriano's power behind his shots were so incredible. What should've been. You could even see why so many were hopeful of Robinho's ability. This team should've been so good. Even Cicinho – he could've been so good but even he had a horrible knee injury before his Madrid career could take off.

  14. Brazilian player getting shorter day by day.

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