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Nonton FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 3-0 – La Liga 1998/99 – All Goals & Full Highlights Full HD

La Liga – Season 1998/1999
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  1. that barca had potential to win treble but what happened

  2. +Akame Hiragi,KALO MUSIM 1998/99 DITAYANGKAN DI TV MANA….???????

  3. Akame Hiragi 1998 ditayangkan dimana…????

  4. iturralde gonzalez el peor arbitro de la historia de españa !!

  5. That Barca side should have won the 99-00 Champions League. Unfortunately, key players like Luis Enrique, Guardiola, R.De Boer, Sergi, and Cocu were all badly injured

  6. partidaso el barça que goleo al Madrid con doblete de luis enrique y un golazo de rivaldo

  7. ''excesiva la roja a roberto carlos'' ya por aquellos tiempos estaba lleno de merenllorones fanaticos la TV. Una de las entradas mas violentas de la historia del futbol

  8. Why did kluivert played with number 19 while he is number 9?

  9. Y al final todos son grandes amigos

  10. Camp nou always been a taboo for real madrid i think they have won only 5 times there last 30 years

  11. Pep Guardiolas Assis to Luis Enrique. Such class. and now they have both coached FC Barcelona, both winning the treble. CRAZY!!!!

  12. Que partidaso fue este aya por 1999 el Barca pegandole grandes bailadas al madrid desde tiempos inmemorables en aquellos años ere Rivaldo era su peor pesadilla en el 2016 Messi los trae de hijos hay cosas que nunca cambian.

  13. Rivaldo, Romario, Ronaldinno, Ronaldo9 played to Barcelona
    The best Brazilians players

  14. Ахахахах. Позор риалу

  15. Hey guys! I'll upload some old Classicos if you want! 🙂

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