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Nonton France vs Colombia 2-3 – Friendly 2018 – All Goals & Highlights Full HD

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  1. Colombia Last team to beat France


  3. France sucks win world cup by luck. I bet No. 10 is no longer good in next world cup believe or not

  4. Wtf was going on in Columbia’s first goal

  5. Columbia is the best team

  6. Ro-muh-nii-aah! Ro-mah-nii-aaah!!

  7. France 2nd goal was quick maths 😁👌

  8. mhhhhh ROVSHAN…shame on you, EVERY DAY GOD IS GOOD.

  9. What is wrong with France. I think they have the best squad in the world of soccer but when they come in the pitch they seem to be confused

  10. An on form Falcao must be a scary thing for the opposition defence. Vamos Colombia.

  11. Anyone know what language the commentators are speaking? Romanian? Catalan? Portuguese?

  12. France has always white bad gool keeper…

  13. Philippiens, 4:1 – C`est pourquoi, mes bien-aimés, et très chers frères, vous qui êtes ma joie et ma couronne, demeurez ainsi fermes dans le Seigneur, mes bien-aimés!

  14. Francia si juega con camiseta verde es Ghana o Camerun-—bien ganado Colombia-

  15. Check out Lloris, oops I fell. Why do all shite goalkeepers pretend to fall over when they let in sloppy goals, it just makes them look even worse. And how old is Didier Deschamps anyway? He looks about 83 years old.

  16. FRANÇA Who! ¡Saludos de Brasil, Colombia!

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  19. France is a black Muslim country

  20. France's weakness is their coach, Deschamps. That's good news for us South/Central Americans who don't want a European nation to win the 2018 World Cup #vivaamerica 💪🏿

  21. MARK MY WORD!!!!!
    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
    Ospina is NOT world class goalkeeper. He lost the game vs Brasil in 2014. People say "if only he were taller", yet look at the 1st goal here. A ball at his feet and he just left it there for the rebound.
    Ugh!!! Really wished there was a better goalie, he will cost Colombia their WC chances.

  22. BTW, Columbia gonna live in Kazan at the World cup 2018. You can see it at our channel)

  23. the question is…if they couldn't handle Colombia? how on earth will they deal with Peru that is unstoppable right now with a streak of 12 undefeated matches???

  24. Peu plus me le voir ce Lloris ! Me dégoûte ce gardien de mon vier 🤬

  25. What happened to Andre Pierre Gignac?? Has he been dismissed from the squad!?

  26. Why are South Americans so tiny?

    Columbian guy took a dive…poor sport 👎 should have been sent off, not awarded a penalty , that’s cheating 👎

  27. Cocaine vs Champagne . . . .Pablo Escobar vs Napoleon Bonaparte . . . .Kidnappings vs Terrorist Attacks . . . . Shakira vs David Guetta

  28. Pablo Escobar will be so proud…

  29. Loris or Areola? France has to think about that.. Loris had very bad mistakes.

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