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Nonton Germany vs England 2-3 – Friendly Match 2016 – Full Highlights (English Commentary) HD Full HD

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from 2-0 to 2-3
Toni Kroos 1-0
Mario Gomez 2-0
Harry Kane 2-1
Jamie Vardy 2-2
Dier 2-3

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  1. Brilliant comeback from the lads!

  2. England got there revenge from that lost at 2010 World Cup

  3. Oooooohhhh yesss 3 and 2 coul 😂😂😱😍😍😛😎😜

  4. that mask aint foolin anyone that's harry kane

  5. Roy Hodgeson.. what a shit manager! A three year old would have known he was the wrong choice. I still remember waay back when he was failing to lift Liverpool out of their woes in like 2010. I remember the press asking him why he sucked basically, and his answer I’ll never forget. He was like “I’ve been managing football for over 20 years!” If someone sucks at their job, then starts talking about how long they’ve been doing that job, you know they’re retarded! After that press conference I knew he was useless! Then when the FA chose him over Harry Redknapp, I was speechless! I knew England was doomed to failure as long as Hodgeson was in charge. What a sack of shit he was.

  6. Shame Germany are out of the world Cup as I'd prefer them to Belgium or France but hey ho it is what it is

  7. Why do England always do so much better in friendlies? less pressure, playing against weakened teams? I don't know why.

  8. IT IS ALWAYS GOOD TO SEE ENGLAND BEATING THOSE GERMAN CUNTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = LOL

  9. If they gave out trophies for winning friendlies our cabinet would be bursting.

  10. From now on that type of goal should be called the "Vardy Party"

    But,check out Ravel Morrison's goal in training from a cross :O : O :O

  11. We(England) practically vsed Bayern Munich
    Like if you agree!

  12. I was wondering how England beat Germany but then I saw Germany’s line up 🤦‍♂️



  14. Hahaha, fucking have it Krauts

  15. In England you should sanction in the Premier League, with Red Card any ILLEGAL Goal, make Law in England, goal with Hands is Red Card, Act in England and the Bundesliga

  16. Now will come 100 goals from the Goal
    with England against Buenos Aires with their feet, and not with HANDS. If you do not build a Selection with the 22 Provinces without Messi you will not win WORLDWIDE, make goals with Hands and not with Feet. Present a Serious Argentine Selection of the Provinces 1 player for each Province and seriously face England without making goals with Hands.

  17. Good match between Germany and England, but England
    playing Bundesliga style.

      Never more England will be sold against Brazil, Uruguay or Buenos Aires, if I had been the England Coach
    in the 1986 World Cup, I would never have done this from the Hand of the "Devil" of Maradona or that eluded the 5 players of England

  18. Jamie Vardy's having a party, bring your vodka and your charlie!

  19. I swear Vardys goal was a cruyff turn goal

  20. *3-3 England was super lucky on Gomez disallowed goal,he times his run perfectly😑

  21. I remember after this match England Fans said they win the Euros…

  22. Vardy is the Best striker in English now a days

  23. Vardy should start more for England

  24. take it ya filthy krauts

  25. What is Harry Kane wearing

  26. Do Italy 2 Spain 0 Euro 2016

  27. How did that team go on, to lose to Iceland.

  28. Great match!! This is the real football!


  30. omg when england beat germany??? oh well, ENGLAND WORLD CHAMPIONS 2017 BITCHES!!! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ❤❤

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