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Nonton Portugal vs Netherlands 0-3 – International Friendly 2018 – Full Highlights HD Full HD

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  1. How netherland doesnt reach in round of 16 someone tellme😤😤

  2. I can't fuckin believe that the Netherlands haven't qualified for the WC 2018. Instead we have to endure shit like Saudi Arabia instead. Freakin sucks!

  3. If Portugal continue to play with such long balls, they won't even pass the group…

  4. Many messi fans spotted here, cr7 fans pls go and watch spain vs Argentina friendly 6-1

  5. Shut up Messi fans….. Ronaldo will only score against world class teams like Latvia and faroe island….GOAT

  6. The kind of shit that gives you hope as a Moroccan for the World Cup

  7. CR7 doesnt care about friendlies,he raped the Netherlands in Euro 2012, then coached his way in 2016 euro to beat France in the final

  8. Hahahha
    I just dont understand how did cr7 win ballon dor five times…
    It goes to show that he is just tap in kind of goal scorer…dont tell me that portugal does not even hv other good players in the team
    Ryan gigg, take for example, is a great player but him alone couldny bring wales to world cup bcoz we understsnd that the other players in wales team are not world class…
    Cr7 is a joke…he has played a couple of world cups but he is nothing…he is a just a marketing object for real madrid and world of football especially spanish..stupid

  9. Portugal playing with te 2 time

  10. That was a horrible tackle by the grass on poor Ronaldo. I wonder how he did not get a penalty for that.

  11. Ronaldo is a sissy la la

  12. GugaTV ქართველი ხარ?

  13. Sure,Ronaldo lost 3-0, but messi's team lost 6-1 in the hands of a 25-year-old Madrid player
    EDIT:I am not a fan of either messi or ronaldo,my comment is neutral

  14. Ronaldo by far the best diver in the history of football ……..

  15. 😂😂😂😂nul rolando nul nul nul nul 😂😂😂😂

  16. Kluivert could’ve turned that last defender inside out and got some sight of the goal… dammit

  17. Why were they booing Depay?

  18. c if portugal go like this thn i dont think they will even survive the grup stage

  19. ronaldo stating to kick the land

  20. 2:32😂😂😂😂😂when u can't score a goal #Haha #penaldo #losers

  21. Babel still plays for Netherlands?

  22. как бы не был хорош криштиану,но футбол эта командная игра.один в поле не воин

  23. Portugal are literally a bunch of who knows, greatly done Holland. Fuck those beggars

  24. How is Ronaldo gonna kick the ground on accident and then claim he was fouled lmao

  25. It’s a friendly guys, no need to overreact

  26. here is the lords true form
    only small team is good for him
    couldnt beat neds

  27. i would be ashamed if i was Ronaldo there . for a player of that level is ridiculous to ask for that penalty

  28. Well Portugal needs to be happy the Netherlands didn’t qualify for the world cup lol

  29. Portuguese fans be like "B-b-but I thought we were good." :'(

  30. Ronaldo best player in the world hahahaha. LooooooooooL

  31. Ronaldo got pocketed by a 18 year old defender. 😂😂

  32. does this mean that England are better than Portugal

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