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Nonton Real Madrid vs Girona 6-3 – La Liga 2017/2018 – Highlights (English Commentary) Full HD

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  1. who else is waiting for Kerala Blasters vs Girona?

  2. ronaldo iyi oyuncu 4 qol atan oyuncu iyi video

  3. iyi bir oyuncu ronaldo 4 qon atan oyuncu iyi video

  4. You are the best than messi

  5. It's not Ronaldo.it's 4naldo

  6. Cristiano is the best goal scorer of all time

  7. barca and messi fans like saying ronaldo is just wating for the ball but fail to notice how good ronaldo is at getting himself into goal scoring positions, when he makes passes… also the purpose of football is scoring goals so you can win games and titles not pass the ball around for 10 minutes for whatever reason… thats why real won the champoins league back to back and barca couldnt with undoubtably the best team combinations in the last 10 years… and this dumb argument of ronaldo is just wating for the ball is getting to over played there is such a thing as getting into a position of scoring and ronaldo has mastered that better than any other player… thats why he can score as many goals as he does and hating him for doing the one thing that brings joy to the fan is stupid… what kind of a football fan complains that a player scores too much… its really the dumbest thing i have heard… its like a basket ball fan saying a player dunks too much or a wider receiver catches too many touch downs or makes the QB do all the work… its the whole point of the sport and why its a team sport… if you want one guy doing everything watch swimming or track and field and stop watching team sports you retards… GTFU

  8. Please this commentary's name

  9. RONALDO je peder i ciganin sve vam jebem portugalsko!

  10. Ronaldo is a gypsy from Portugal

  11. and Barcelona will win you 3.0 in the middle of Madras HAHA

  12. Naice 4Goals. 100mill point.

  13. Girona is the worst team real madrid is more better

  14. Does any one except varane even defend for real madrid? Those 2 fullbacks act like they don't want to defend.

  15. If real madrid got a penalty i'm sure ronaldo going to give the penalty to benzema.Because bcl got to score and that means benzema have to score too.

  16. Oh how Ronaldo always turned the tables around…
    Now he's got more goals than Messi in all competitions and in 8 less games!
    Btw, aside from set pieces, Messi scored only 2 goals from outside the box this season, all the rest are 'tap-ins' just like the way his fans like them!

  17. See you at allianz Turin 1/4 round champions league .

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