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Nonton RONALDO DEBUT FOR REAL MADRID – (Real Madrid vs Deportivo Alaves 06/10/2002) Full HD

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  1. And last night madrid defeat by alaves without cristiano ronaldo

  2. kalau saja dia tidak cedera parah mungkin dia menjadi pemain terbaik sepanjang masa mengalahkan pele dan maradona

  3. look closely. they ĺet him score. one defender even holds the other

  4. Like boss my idol ☝️

  5. Miglior giochatore dell mondo altro che cazzi

  6. Players feared Ron like boxers feared Tyson

  7. steve mcmanaman was my favorite player in liverpool. he played well in real madrid but nobody seem to appreciate him. de fck!?

  8. Miss you Fenomeno!!!! You are the best!! Real Ronaldo! The Only One!!!!

  9. you know you're the best striker when Zidan jumps in joy like a lil kid when you score.

  10. Back when soccer was fun to watch. These day is too many free kicks and players going down too easily

  11. What if he's been healthy all throughout his career? I think he really has a chance to be the all time great. #WhatIf

  12. There was some unbelievable talent on that Real Madrid team. That almost seems illegal.

  13. Apesar de sus lesiones para mi es el mejor 9 de la historia. El fenomeno, el verdadero ronaldo.

  14. Playstasion One Players Favorite..

  15. Топ дебют! Но Криш давно переплюнул его.

  16. Both CR7 and Ronaldo (The Brazilian) are so awesome.

  17. first and last time with nr. 11😜

  18. My best football player 💋💋💋💋💋

  19. Prime Ronaldo 》》messi,maradona,pele,cr7 no doubt about it

  20. When Ronaldo and Zidane as team mate…awesome…

  21. Recuerdo verlo con 12 años y tengo 28, qué nostalgia!

  22. so fun hearing all these names again. i dont know why but football was so much more fun to watch back then.

  23. Que equipazo tenía el Real Madrid…ahorita ese mismo equipo haría mierda a todos en la Champions.

  24. I miss the Brazil with Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Adriano, and Roberto Carlos. They were really fun to watch on screen together and individually. It was so much talent and quality football when they played together… I miss those guys.

  25. he really knows how to score goal than anyone footballer ever exist…….

  26. Brazil a respected country

  27. the real ronaldo not the fake one.

  28. All time best. I wish he could have played for longer time. Love from Bangladesh

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