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Nonton Sevilla vs Real Madrid 3-2 – Season 2017/2018 – Full Highlights HD 1080i Full HD

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  1. Não vai encobrir o 5 x0 do Real no Sevilla kkkkk

  2. Real Madrid vai ser campeão da Champions dois gol do papai Cris é o Brasil Campeão do mundo vamos menino ney

  3. RM players always provoke defenders to get a penalty (against Sevilla and Barcelona)

  4. Grande layun así somos todos los mexicanos de cabrones 😉 y vamos por el mundial!

  5. With real madrid, Ronaldo is all 😍😍😍

  6. გუგა ქართველი ხარ ძმაააა? <3

  7. 2nd penalty..wtf..man..real madrid is trash

  8. Ramos perdio penalty por tramposo.

  9. Real=Zero….Benzema=Zero ///0+0=0

  10. lucas vasques , otra mierda de penal q t inventaste

  11. Судя далбаеп игрок реала 12

  12. Some weird decisions made by Casilla

  13. Barcelona …….real madrid ha ha ha

  14. Where is Ronaldo. He must be on stage

  15. Real's second goal was truly coward style….

  16. If had CR7 in this math, Real would win. Hala Madrid ! CR7 will destroy Liverpool. I love Real.

  17. Olduru ki Real madriti kul.basuvuza oynuyunda Duxuz catmaz pullun gucune cepiyonlara gedersuz bavaryani pulun gucune utduz penali vermediz sevilya cirpir eee

  18. Ramos should def be striker

  19. Real Madrid defenders are so slow including Ramos . Simply not good enough.
    Liverpool strikers would go merry against this mediocre defence when even
    The goalkeeper looks shaky. No wonder Madrid lost so many games this season.

  20. Ramos is the deserved MOTM 😂😂😂

  21. Real Madrid losing always puts a smile on my face

  22. HahaReal Barça gona win the legue

  23. Fuck you ramos
    Where is the hero

  24. Сережа, Сережа) эхэхэ

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