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Nonton Valencia vs Real Madrid 3-6 – Liga BBVA 2010/2011 – Full Highlights Full HD

An Entertaining Match! 😀

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  1. Extraño este Madrid no ganábamos títulos pero goleabamos a todos (menos al barca) ahora no podemos ni contra el Sevilla Atlético…

  2. Sad to say but that was one of the few games Kaka played decent football with Real Madrid, one of the worst transfers in our history

  3. Kakaaaa 😍😍miss you 😓

  4. una pregunta ¿cual era el estilo de juego del valencia de españa en la temporada 2010 11?

  5. Kaka Benzema and Higuain destroyed a whole team haha

  6. I watched this game and then i forgot suddenly lol can anyone explain me where waz c.Ronaldo dimaria and ozil in this much???

  7. kaka is the best in this match

  8. carvalho pepe and serio ramos never hated such a group of defenders more in my life….

  9. Nice man ! keep going ! Kaka destroyed Valencia this match

  10. Was kakas second goal a nutmeg?

  11. BENZEMA was a winger??? He was a beast

  12. An entertaining match!
    Many old classic matches are coming! 😀

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